About Us

MABSCO is a Midwest-based financial services company specializing in portfolio management, private placement, financial consulting, private equity, and joint venture transactions.

MABSCO has extensive investment management experience along with significant operational and consulting experience. MABSCO has been active in many industries including cloud-based technology, telecommunications, leasing, financial services, biotechnology, medical devices and services, consumer products, industrial products, manufacturing, and computer and software-related companies.

For more than 25 years, MABSCO also has been an industry leader in managing portfolios for state and federal government programs, such as guaranteed loans, participation loans, tax credits, and municipal bonds, among other guarantee and loan programs. MABSCO manages government portfolios that include debt instruments in a range of sectors, including agriculture, community, business, and industry. MABSCO has an intricate understanding of the life cycle of a loan and has in-depth knowledge of debt instruments from origination through payoff.

MABSCO is experienced in all aspects of sourcing, servicing, reporting, and compliance for both government and private sector investment portfolios.

MABSCO’s clients benefit from streamlined efficiency and seamless portfolio management operations. MABSCO’s services enable clients to focus resources on growing their market share.