David S. Mulcahy, President

Mr. Mulcahy is an active investor in private companies and has been the owner of MABSCO since 1993. Mr. Mulcahy has managed private equity capital for numerous banks and insurance companies throughout his career. He has broad industry experience in venture capital, corporate finance, financial services, mergers and acquisitions, and operational management. He is a certified public accountant and was a senior tax partner at Ernst & Young where he specialized in mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Mulcahy currently serves on the board of directors of American Equity Investment Insurance Company (NYSE: AEL) and serves as chairman of the AEL audit committee.


Jean A. Wunsch, Vice President

Ms. Wunsch joined MABSCO in 1994. She supervises all of MABSCO’s government portfolio management services. Ms. Wunsch handles all aspects of servicing those portfolios, including settling, servicing, reporting, and compliance. In addition, Ms. Wunsch manages all accounting functions at MABSCO. Ms. Wunsch customized the loan servicing software that is specifically designed for MABSCO clients.

Ms. Wunsch received her accounting degree from Des Moines Area Community College. In 1985 she began her accounting career at United Federal Savings, a $1 billion institution. In just five years, Ms. Wunsch was promoted to internal auditor.


Stephani P. Johnson, Financial Analyst

Ms. Johnson joined MABSCO as a financial analyst in 1993 and has been working in that same capacity as an independent consultant for the company since 2001.

Ms. Johnson has managed two venture capital investment portfolios and has experience making investment and exit recommendations. She has experience conducting due diligence, preparing written offering memoranda and proposals, and modeling financial projections for acquisitions and private placements.

Prior to joining MABSCO, Ms. Johnson was the Assistant Director of Annual Giving at Simpson College. Ms. Johnson has an MBA degree from Drake University.